About Us

This is where our story begins...

Two longtime friends from a small town in Latvia - Diana and Arturs, with a common dream, who fell in love with each other.

It all started by bringing together our interests and future goals. That was exactly what got us here.

Full of motivation and desire to make a change in this World, as little as it seems, we decided to start with - taking care of a new family member - Hugo. A super friendly and active cat from the shelter.

The cat who became one of the most important parts of our lives, the inspiration and our brand Logo.

As time went by and our family grew, our desire to build something meaningful, something that we could share with others, grew within! We got ourselves thinking and searching about the ways we could reach out to people, to let them feel something good through our creations and ideas and give a little piece of ourselves.

So there it was, the idea about - clothing, we thought, that's the way we could express ourselves and at the same time, people could enjoy the garments and get them to good use.

We started with our logo  and brand name - BE THE GOODMOOD.

There were no long thoughts about what should be on the logo, because the face we wanted to see on our brand was our little monster, since the first day we met him, he lighted up our everyday life and yes, he still does - Hugo the cat.

A Fact about him - 70% of the time he acts like a dog, also loves water and playing fetch, as well as he is kind of photogenic haha, so there it was - the logo.

The brand name came to mind naturally, it's just who we are and how we are always trying to be - in a good mood. Because nothing great happens being sad and gloomy. Living by it and sharing it with others is our dream coming true.

After the brand name, came the designs. As Diana loved drawing since childhood, it was perfect way to fulfill our ideas. The first designs were all about Hugo, it was a great experience, learning and finding out ourselves the style we wanted to share with you.

After a couple of months trying various drawing techniques, it became more relevant that black and white is our style and it is something we should keep developing on.

Each design portrays our love for nature, those genuine moments we live by and our imagination. Every design has its own feeling, story and mood in it. That's exactly what we wanted to share with you and hope you'll feel it too.

After the design part, came garments. We were looking for something that would make designs intertwine with the fabrics and in addition the one thing we knew we wanted from the fabrics was to feel comfortable in them - no matter what we would do - hanging around with friends, going camping or spending a cool evening outdoors. Our priority was - feeling good and cozy.

So there it was - hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and leggings the things we felt most comfortable in. Then there came hats and tote bags, which were like cherry on the top.

There are countless ideas and things we want to share with you.

We are constantly up to date and adding new possible products, regarding which we feel would give a value to our creations.

We are still in learning process and there are lot of things we don't know how to do - Yet. That's a constant mental and physical work but at this point it's all about being proud of what we’ve become, bringing people together and sharing creativity and positivity all around, that's hopefully is making a real difference in some people's lives.

And this is only the beginning.

So we Welcome you to join our mission and share the GOODMOOD all over the globe!

Sincerely yours,

GM Team